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Bombay delice down-town
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Dishes based on
fresh products

Open in 2020, Bombay delice down-town aims to bring a new dynamic to downtown Neuchâtel. Our gastronomy is the humble reflection of research work on our culinary identity, where the aromas, flavors, colors and textures of mergers are produced without borders and without limits. Our dishes are concocted in one of our restaurant 10 minutes from the city center. We put our priority on the quality of the food as well as on the variety of products. If you come to visit us at Bombay delice down-town, you will only find good things and a friendly and welcoming staff ready to make your day better.

ACTUALITÉS DE Bombay delice down-town

La saison des soupes

As a starter or as a main dish, the soups are a treat. In many Asian countries, breakfast even consists of soup.

There are two main groups of soups, depending on their consistency: clear soups and linked soups. s

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